July’s book: Finding Monsieur Right by Muriel Zagha

There wasn’t a lot of love for last month’s book, Tigers in Red Weather, although there wasn’t much consensus on why we didn’t like it. Partly it was the characters (who were, for the most part, unlikeable) and partly it was the way in which the book was written.

The highlight of the evening was, without doubt, the fantastic 50s inspired food from Nadia. Lots to live up to for future meetings.

For the last two books, we’ve ended up with quite heavy going thriller type books. The group decided enough is enough, and, because it’s getting to summer, we wanted something light, frothy, and easy reading. Et voila…

Finding Monsieur Right, by Muriel Zagha 

monsieur right

A tale of two cities…
Two girls…
And a life-altering swap.

Daisy’s just landed the perfect job: spending a year in Paris writing about fashion. Swapping homes with French student Isabelle seems like the perfect arrangement.

Sensible Isabelle, however, finds London bewildering. But all her assumptions about crazy English guys are overturned when she meets hunky gardener Tom.

Meanwhile, fun-loving Daisy discovers that Paris is the City of Love, and more than one Monsieur Right…

It sounds a little bit like “The Holiday” in book form. We can only hope for a character as dishy as Jude Law to help us along the way.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 16th July at a location yet to be confirmed. I’ll be sending out emails to confirm attendance. If you’re not on the mailing list yet, please get in touch with us via lausannebookclub@gmail.com

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One thought on “July’s book: Finding Monsieur Right by Muriel Zagha

  1. […] take time off work and go on holiday! The horror!) and, in the end, we didn’t really talk about the book that much. I think that was probably because it was so light and inoffensive, there wasn’t […]

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