January’s meeting

Despite turning up looking like I’d run a marathon and consequently being confused for the remainder of the meeting last night, our January meeting was full of great discussion, different points of view and, of course, some wine. Hoorah.

It was great to be able to say the words “the boys were talking about…” in reference to the fact we finally had a decent contingent of men in the group (hey there Phillip, Todor, Alz). It made a huge difference to the dynamic of the discussion and I sincerely hope the gaggle of ladies hasn’t scared them off.

Another newbie in the form of Kristin joined us and it was a jolly group that braved a new venue to discuss The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion.

To be honest, this was a bit of a no-brainer for LBC. We loved it, it was sweet, it was not particularly complicated, it was an easy read, it was funny.

We talked a lot about Don and his Asperger’s (obviously!) We discussed whether he was aware of his behaviour, whether it was a help or a hindrance, and whether we’re all “wired in a certain way”. Todor made an interesting point about whether the author was asking us to hold a mirror up to ourselves, and question our own behaviour. Do we all live in a routine? Do we ever do anything entirely unpredictable?

We discussed “the list” and then the difference between dating sites such as OKCupid (which loves a good checklist of questions) and Tinder (which doesn’t). We wondered about our own lists (tall, funny, likes red wine and sport) and whether we refine them based on experiences with past lovers.

There was a mammoth (and somewhat heated) discussion about Gene and his behaviour. It was here, particularly, that it was refreshing to have a male perspective, as opposed to the potentially blinkered view of a female only group.

We ended with the always amusing “who would play these characters in a film” game. Franke Potente, Michael Seahall, and Louis CK (all names where the cultural reference is lost somewhat) were mooted. We shall see when the film comes out…!

Now! Things to do.

Register for next month’s book club here.

Read a synopsis of potential books here.

Vote on which book you want to read here.

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