May’s Meeting Recap

We were a small but mighty crew last Wednesday. Cafe Bellini offered us its usual lovely fare, though no Coin Perdu was to be found on the wine list–perhaps yet another indication that “A Good Year” is many things, but rooted in reality is not one. Is that its strength or its weakness? Depends on who you ask. While some of us found it too overly simplistic, “a puzzle with ten pieces,” if you will, others didn’t mind the escapism that it offers, a portrait of sun-drenched “gentle living.”

Those who’d seen the film version believed it improved upon the book, and those who were familiar with Peter Mayle’s other more autobiographical works did not feel this was his best performance. We enjoyed re-casting the film, agreeing Russell Crowe didn’t seem the best pick. One among us displayed his Hollywood casting skills yet again by proposing Jude Law as Max, Paul Giamatti as Charlie, and “any number of beautiful women” as Fanny, among others.

As a reminder, next month we continue our “as seen on the silver screen” theme with a double-feature: Ian Fleming’s “Casino Royale” and “Live and Let Die.” Looking forward to seeing you there–stay tuned for June’s dates!


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