The return of the benevolent dictator!

Hello bookclubbers –

Well? Did you miss me? (For those new to the blog, I’ve been travelling in Africa for the last 3 months and so had to give up my stewardship of the book club for a while). But worry not. I’m back! Hoorah!

Many thanks to Jess and Kelly for so wonderfully looking after the organisation, blogging and running of book club while I was away. I hope you were all lovely to them?

Anyway – this month’s book is Paper Town (read about it on the blog here) and the date for the next meeting has been confirmed as 27th August at 6.30pm at Caffe Bellini.

As most of you are aware, our meeting aren’t just about books. It’s also a chance for us to get together, eat lovely Italian food, drink gorgeous wine, share stories, experiences, and gossip.

For the last couple of meetings, we’ve had a lot of interest from people saying they’d like to join us. Sadly, on the night, we’ve seen as many as 10 people simply not show up (and, worse, not let us know!

This makes things really difficult for the organisers, for other participants that I have to refuse, and for the restaurant.Therefore, please remember that numbers for book club is restricted to 15. Attendees will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis. I’ve started a waiting list so as and when others drop out, spaces can be filled. How professional we are!

Sounds scary, really isn’t! If you’d like to come but haven’t signed up, do get in touch at

For the newbies, we have a spreadsheet of books we’d like to read, suggestions from members and everything else which you can find here. Please feel free to add!

I look forward to seeing you all and catching up over a glass of wine on the terrace!


Imo x


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