October’s meeting

As the evenings draw in, more and more people find their way back to book club. Last night’s meeting, held in the basement of perennial favourite Bellini, was a mix of old and new faces (not old as in age, of course etc etc)

We welcomed Sihem, May and Sandrine into the fold (hello ladies!) and said bonjour to Jess, Philip the First (we have royalty among us), Bad Kelly (Smart Kelly?), Carolina, Deirdre, Useful Richard (a.k.a. Chris Martin), Sally, and Sophia.

After Divine Andre (which is his new name – it’s better than the slightly random “Marcus”) had sorted out wine and food, it was time for the main event… books.

This month we read Bill Bryson’s Neither Here Nor There. A short and easy read with enough humour to keep everyone going, it was the perfect antidote to last month’s “oh my god, I’m scarred for life” A Little Life. The majority of the group finished it and while there was a number who felt the book was funny and relatable, there was a little dissent about the style of humour.

It was disappointing compared to our Bill Bryson books I’ve read.

I found his humour fake and obnoxious.

I only finished this because of book club.

Very readable. Relevant, but at the same time, incredibly dated.

I have to admit, I stopped taking notes. I was having too much fun talking, drinking and eating. Plus, there really wasn’t too much to say about this book – it was a welcome relief after last month and not really the type of book you can make an in-depth critical analysis of.

But I still love Bill Bryson. And always will.

P.S. There was a side conversation about Peter Andre last night. For your Friday viewing pleasure…


One thought on “October’s meeting

  1. Sihem Kaddouri says:

    Thanks! This was my first book club in Switzerland and I really enjoyed it. I found the group to be really well read, well traveled and with so many perspectives that it was really great to exchange!

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