December’s meeting

Lausanne book club became Lausanne’s nomadic book club this month, with the team visiting 3 new places in the attempt to get some wine and food.

Let’s be honest, Middlemarch wasn’t a great hit. Despite Sally’s protestations that it was the most amazing book ever and that we just had to wait until after the honeymoon, only 2 people in the group finished the book. The benevolent dictator was not one of them (although I did watch the mini series which, I feel, makes me suitably briefed to have opinions on characters, themes, and plot lines)

With all the excitement around book swapping (and dastardly dealings in the corner), we rather forgot to talk about the book very much. Or, at least, I forgot to write down any notes. So there you are. A great book club all round!

However, I do have one piece of good news for you:

The Christmas book secret santa list in full

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One thought on “December’s meeting

  1. […] Again. I didn’t finish the book. However, unlike the doomed Road to Oxiana or the massive Middlemarch, it wasn’t for lack of trying. Sadly, this month’s book, Berlin by William L Shirer was […]

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