February’s meeting

I admit, I was a bad book club leader this week. I didn’t make notes. I know, I know, shame on me.

The reasoning was simple. 1) I’d had a week of making notes and meetings and sitting in front of a computer and stressing and I just wanted to spend some time with my friends. 2) I enjoyed the book and wanted to be part of the discussion.

So there we go.

There were a couple of people who didn’t finish the book (more because of time constraints rather than the fact they didn’t want to) but overall, it was well received. There was a little disconcertion at the slowness of the book. “I kept waiting for something to happen” complained one. The areas around the Enigma machine and life at Bletchley Park were the most exciting parts of the book (if you want more on this, I’d recommend reading the book that inspired The Imitation Game – find it here). Did the love story work? Did the spy story? Mixed views.

The main areas of discussion in the evening was around two of the main characters (unsurprisingly) Jericho and Hester.

  1. Was Jericho a weirdo? (Imogen and Sarah – no. Courtney and everyone else – hell yes!)
  2. How was Hester portrayed? A strong and intelligent woman, or rather annoyingly, as one of those women who if they only took their hair down and put on some make up could be pretty?

Anyway – all in all, I really enjoyed it. A quick, easy read about a fascinating period in history. Go and read 🙂


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