Summer book: Riders by Jilly Cooper

Yes, I am an evil dictator. I have enforced a book on book club. Muwhahahaha etc.

Our summer read this year is Riders by Jilly Cooper.


‘Sex and horses: who could ask for more?’ Sunday Telegraph

Set against the glorious Cotswold countryside, Riders offers an intoxicating blend of swooning romance, adventure and hilarious high jinks.

Brooding hero Jake Lovell, under whose magic hands even the most difficult horse or woman is charmed, is driven by his loathing of the dashing darling of the show ring, Rupert Campbell-Black. Having pinched each other’s horses and drunk their way around the capitals of Europe, the feud between the two men finally erupts with devastating consequences at the Los Angeles Olympics . . .

A classic bestseller, Riders takes the lid off international show jumping, a sport where the brave horses are almost human, but the humans behave like animals.

‘Joyful and mischievous’ Jojo Moyes
‘Exhilarating, irresistible and one of our nation’s most beloved novels’ Jill Mansell
‘Jilly Cooper is the funniest and the sharpest writer there is’ Jenny Colgan
‘Flawlessly entertaining’ Helen Fielding

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One thought on “Summer book: Riders by Jilly Cooper

  1. […] After a short summer hiatus, Lausanne Book Club was back with a vengeance. In an effort to make the most of the dwindling summer weather, the group decamped down to Vidy plage for a discussion al fresco. Serenaded by the latest “popular music” from an enthusiastic DJ, we tried to unravel the twisting turns and deep social commentary of Jilly Cooper’s Riders. […]

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